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Meet Denise
I was born and raised in Suffield, CT and lucky enough to have grown up with horses, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, pigs and whatever wild animal found their way to our home.  Needless to say, my love and devotion to animals was instilled upon me by my parents.  My mom is an avid horsewoman and lover of all animals.  My dad has always been my moms biggest supporter, as well as a true dog lover. 
As a teenager, I was hired by vacationing friends and neighbors to care for their animals.  They all knew that I put all of my efforts into keeping their animals happy and safe because animals are so important to me.
After high school graduation, I worked for a few years while going to school for an Accounting degree.  Working in that field for 15 years has given me the knowledge and experience to run my own business now.
I have been a member of The House Rabbit Connection since 2003, a local non-profit rabbit rescue, serving as a foster home, hopliner, taxi to vet appointments, clerk, assistant clerk as well as on the board of directors.
In 2007, I attended an animal communication seminar by local professional, Dawn Allen of Dawn's Animal Connection in Westfield, MA.  I am not an animal communicator, but I am very much in tune with most animals I meet and earn their trust very quickly.
Having cared for a wide variety of animals over the years, as well as volunteering where and when I've been needed, I am very comfortable and willing to care for your animal companions whether they live in your house or the barn in your backyard.  Everyone will receive care on their schedule with the comfort of being at home.
Everywhere I go, I am on the lookout for an animal to make friends with.  Driving down the road in town or while away on vacation, if I see an animal who wants or needs attention, I will do whatever I can to get him or her to safety as well as make him or her feel special.
From the day I was born, I have lived with animals - and as long as I am able to care for them, I always will.
It has been a dream of mine to work with animals all day, share their happiness and give them love.  Now I am making that dream come true.  People have told me that they see a connection when I work with animals; like I have a special bond with them.  I hope that you will allow me to share this bond with your animals.
At home:
My husband, Bill, and I share our home with 4 cats, 4 chickens, 1 dog and 2 horses.
All of our furry friends have been rescued in some way and have found their "forever" home with us...and I wouldn't trade their love for anything.

Bridget is a real love-bug once she gets
comfortable with you.  She thoroughly enjoys
being brushed every night.  Her favorite
spot to relax on any given day is in one of her
plush window beds.  She came to us in 1999
as an itty bitty kitty.

Lil Miss Misty (tiger) and Little E Hardty
(tuxedo) are an inseparable, energetic duo.
When they're not running through the house,
they enjoy cuddling together.  Little E came to us
 in 2008 from a family of feral cats and Misty was
abandoned but found her way to us in 2009.

Otter  wandered into our yard one Spring day in 2011, let me pet him, and never left. He is our guard kitty who learned so much from his outdoor buddy, Orbit 
(who passed on in 2016). Otter adjusted to his new home quickly
and made friends with Misty & Little E.

Maggie joined our crew in November 2011.
She was living with 3 other dogs and had
decided that it was too much for her.
Maggie is my co-pilot and even walks with a
few of our clients.  She has adjusted very
well to living with cats and the chickens, too!

In 2014, it was finally time for me to find an equine partner ... Kid (left) was found at Crowleys Auction and we are a great match.  He enjoys versatility/obstacles, hunter paces, cross country jumping, long trail rides and socializing with his new friends at the variety of events we attend.  He spent the first 11 months alone until Dude (right) moved in with us in 2015 from NC.  He is actually my moms horse of 25 years and is a wonderful companion for Kid.  They enjoy playing ball and frolicking in the field together!

The animals pictured in my logo are some lost loves:
The dog is Chardonnay, one of my sisters dogs.  'Chardy' and I used to visit the local forest when I cared for her in my sisters absence.  Whenever I visited her house, Chardy was happy to see me arrive and was sad to see me to leave.  She enjoyed traveling with me so much that she even jumped in the trunk of my car once when I was unloading it!  She was 14 years old when she passed away.
The Appaloosa horse is Sassy Britches K.  My parents gave him to me when he was 16 months old.  My mom and I broke and taught him everything he knew; he was my best friend.   Growing up together, we went to 4-H camp, participated in local horse shows, enjoyed trail rides and took long walks in the field.  He passed away just days after his
32nd birthday.
The bunnies are Peabody and Mousta.  I saved Mousta in 2002 from a local private breeder then adopted her true love, Peabody (Bo) in 2003, from The House Rabbit Connection.  These bunnies showed me what true love and an unbreakable bond is all about.  Although we had only 4 years together (due to illness) Mousta left a lasting impression on me and Bo left a stronger impression after our 5 years together when he left us to be with his beloved girl, Mousta.
The Blue Point Siamese cat is Jasmine.  I swear she thought she was part dog; she grew up with 4 Miniature Schnauzers and even napped with them sometimes.  She loved to travel - in the car and on an airplane.  She was my lap warmer, crocheting partner, play & travel buddy, and best kitty friend.  As long as we were together, she was happy.  She passed away at the age of 14.
When an animal shows love to a human, I believe it should be accepted and cherished
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